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Why I Upgraded My Diamond Engagement Ring?

Category:  Diamonds, Engagement
Posted on:  September 5, 2018
by Jaime Polk

This might seem like a question with an obvious answer: because I wanted a bigger, better one. Yes, of course, I wanted a bigger, better diamond engagement ring, one that I could proudly pass down to my children and grandchildren, a diamond that would last forever.

However, this wasn’t such an easy decision. Having just come into some extra cash, I had a decision to make. Should I save the money or spend it? If I spend it, what should I spend it on? I could use it on an experience, going on a wonderful vacation. I could spend it on any number of luxury items, including a handbag.

Why jewelry? Why upgrade my diamond engagement ring? The easy answer is because of my profession, being in the jewelry industry. Certainly that was a factor. But the real answer is that every day I have the luxury of looking at my ring. Every single day! Every day I look at it, I’m reminded of the reason I wear a diamond ring, for the love it represents, the love of my life, the love we work so hard to keep alive every day, the love that sustains me. No other item from our wedding brings me joy daily like my diamond ring, the symbol of our marriage.

That’s why I upgraded my diamond. Who knows? Maybe I’ll do it again! I’ll have it forever and each time, I keep the previous one and repurpose it, having another opportunity to be reminded of my vows and commitment to my partner and having a family heirloom which will last forever.

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