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Is a Lab Grown Diamond Right for You?

Category:  Diamonds
Posted on:  September 5, 2018
by Jaime Polk

There is much controversy in the jewelry industry over lab grown diamonds. Those who are against it think it is ruining our industry. Those who believe in lab grown diamonds think of themselves as disruptors, trying to change an old world industry, grappling with the new retail environment. Those in favor argue lab grown diamonds are more sustainable, free of conflict. There are many conflict free mined diamonds as well, most prominently Forevermark diamonds.

According to a recent FTC ruling, both mined or natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same physical properties. Are they the same? The answer is that no two diamonds are the same, much like snowflakes. Every lab grown diamond is different. Every natural diam

ond is unique and different. Both are one of a kind, especially when examining all their qualities, including cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Many gemologists can’t tell the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds.

The world is changing around us, offering options we never dreamed possible. Lab grown diamonds are a scientific breakthrough, offering the consumer luxury at a value. At 21C Designs, we love beautiful diamonds, especially beautifully cut diamonds with life and sparkle. We are happy to work with both mined and lab grown diamonds, only when fully disclosed and discussed with our customers. Are lab grown diamonds right for you? Only you can decide. We are here to help you make an informed and educated choice.

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