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Got Diamonds? Let’s Upcycle Them Into a New Design!

Category:  Diamonds
Posted on:  April 22, 2022 by Jaime Polk
It’s always a good idea to periodically go through your jewelry box to see if there’s anything you’re willing to part with. There might be a diamond tennis bracelet you inherited from your mom that you can’t make work. Maybe there’s a little velvet box containing a Victorian brooch set with Old Mine diamonds that belonged to your great-grandmother. And, oh look, here’s that tiny gold and diamond heart pendant you received as a Mother’s Day gift 30 years ago. You know, the one you have never, ever worn?
Stop feeling guilty about letting these diamond treasures gather dust in your jewelry box. Whenever you assess the contents of your jewelry box, you will likely uncover items you want to melt for cash or sell on consignment. We can definitely help with that. We’ll also pay special attention to the diamond pieces. Those stones have so much wear-again potential—let us reimagine them into a jewel that feels fresh and current, more compatible with how you dress and the way you live.
We spend entire days popping clients’ diamonds out of mountings and sketching out concepts for new pieces that will show them off. With diamond redesigns, most of the time we have the excess gold melted and then convert the dollar value of it to a credit that you can put towards your project. Here’s more on how that process typically works.
We have the vision and resources to make those earrings or that ring you’ve always wanted, something you’ll wear every day! It may never even see the inside of your jewelry box because you never take it off. Below are a few examples of how we’ve given our clients’ “rescued diamonds” a gorgeous new forever home.

Scattered Diamond Drop Earrings

No diamond is too tiny—and the more the merrier. Here, we flush-mounted one client’s diamonds on a pair of elongated pear-shape white gold drops.

Hammered Gold Diamond Bangle

Stackable gold hinged bangles are one of our favorite design solutions for reimagining round diamonds.

Diamond Cigar Band

We live for engagement ring makeovers! Here, we bezel-set the round diamond center stone in a wide gold band and let the client’s other accent diamonds float around it. Chic!

Diamond Bar Necklace

A handful of round diamonds can become the centerpiece of a chain necklace that sits at the collarbone—so clean and modern! Wear alone or layered with other styles.

So if you’ve got diamonds, get in touch today! We can’t wait to show you the possibilities.

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