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Editing Your Jewelry Box: What To Scrap, Sell, and Redesign

Category:  Appraisal
Posted on:  February 22, 2021
by Jaime Polk

We are firm believers that you should edit the contents of your jewelry box on a seasonal basis. Most of us already assess our closets with the same frequency, which can be incredibly liberating—and pave the way for acquiring new items that feel more current, age appropriate, or better suited to your lifestyle. That’s the best part!

The problem with editing your jewelry box is that it can be especially hard to part with possessions that have sentimental and material value. For example, your jewelry collection may have 18k gold herringbone chains from the 1990s, or diamond brooches from the 1950s, and even if they’re not your style, you may not want to get rid of them.  Add the emotional attachment to heirloom jewelry you might have inherited from a loved one and the task of editing becomes even more difficult.

That’s where working with a trusted jewelry authority like 21C Designs can be helpful.

We think jewelry should be worn and enjoyed, not stashed away in a jewelry box. So we help our clients look critically at their heirloom jewelry to empower them to make decisions about what to sell, scrap, and upcycle (or as we like to say, reimagine).

Spring is a great time to sit down and do this, especially if spring cleaning is already on the agenda. Jewelry redesign projects using recycled or heirloom stones are perfect for bridal jewelry, Mother’s Day gifting, graduations in May and June—those occasions are ideal for celebrating with an heirloom reimagined as a new piece of jewelry.

We tend to do a lot of pearl jewelry projects in the spring, because the gem is so popular for springtime gifting occasions.

Do you have one of those retro circlet diamond or gemstone brooches? Those are perfect for transforming into stacking rings, layerable bracelets or necklaces, which would be very chic and on-trend!

We’d love to review your collection and help you decide how to proceed. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind as you dive into your spring cleaning and start to edit your jewelry box.

Signed designer pieces should be sold on consignment.

Contact us if you think you have something of significant value—we have the resources to help you determine whether you should keep an item as an investment or sell it for top dollar through one of the prestigious auction houses. We also have an estate jewelry case at the studio that our regular local clients love to shop!

Gold is money, honey!

If it’s gold jewelry and you aren’t wearing it, we say scrap it. Lots of places will give you “cash for gold” and we do that, too. We’re in a position to get you the best prices for your unwanted gold pieces. Most of our clients use that cash as a credit towards a redesign project.  It’s a way to be environmentally responsible—recycling gold contributes to the sustainability of our planet.

Precious heirlooms can be reimagined.

You see “old,” we see possibilities! A great aunt’s brooch can become a pendant. We can upcycle diamonds from your father’s wedding band and create a diamond bar necklace. Let us look at these pieces with fresh eyes—in our experience, if the jewel has sentimental meaning and there are quality gems we can upcycle, it’s worth reworking into a piece of jewelry you’ll actually wear.

We are happy to come to your home and assess the treasures that are languishing in your jewelry box, or feel free to bring them by our studio. We understand that it’s hard to part with some of these items. Or that you might not have the vision to see what they can become—leave that part to us and together we will make some modern jewelry magic happen! We look forward to being the first step in your jewelry collection’s new chapter!

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