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Redesigning Explained

What’s involved in redesigning jewelry? After several years of specializing in the redesign process, we find many of our clients don’t know what to expect when they meet with us to discuss redesigning their precious jewels. Let’s start by saying each piece is unique. Each piece requires a custom design. Regardless of the piece, we…
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Don’t Rush the Process

It was a Friday afternoon between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was working at the studio.  A gentleman came in.  He said, “I don’t think you have what I’m looking for and I need it today.”  I asked what he was looking for and he replied, “An engagement ring”.  He didn’t want to go to…
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Why I Upgraded My Diamond Engagement Ring?

This might seem like a question with an obvious answer: because I wanted a bigger, better one. Yes, of course, I wanted a bigger, better diamond engagement ring, one that I could proudly pass down to my children and grandchildren, a diamond that would last forever. However, this wasn’t such an easy decision. Having just…
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Is a Lab Grown Diamond Right for You?

There is much controversy in the jewelry industry over lab grown diamonds. Those who are against it think it is ruining our industry. Those who believe in lab grown diamonds think of themselves as disruptors, trying to change an old world industry, grappling with the new retail environment. Those in favor argue lab grown diamonds…
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